Creativity, Meditation Peace – David Lynch

by Diamond Mascorro

“In the documentary, Lynch spoke about his creative process and the profound effects TM has had on him in the past 40 years not just as an artist but as a person. He spoke to thousands of students, about using TM as a tool to be more creative, deal with stress,and unlock our full potential as human beings.”

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Review: David Lynch’s “Meditation Creativity Peace”

by Alexander Blank

“Where Lynch really shines is in his ability to relate the benefits of Transcendental Meditation to all mediums of creative expression and life at large. There is much to be gleaned from this documentary for the aspiring artist of any field. And even wider reaching, the life lessons he outlines with straightforward, vivid analogies are timeless for any person navigating the tumults of an emotional existence.”

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David Lynch & Russell Brand Changing Lives With “Meditation Creativity Peace”

by Lauren Lloyd

“Over 1,000 people showed up at the Hammer Museum’s 300-person capacity Billy Wilder Theater to catch the U.S. premiere of Lynch’s Meditation Creativity Peace documentary, which follows the director during his 2007 visits to film schools in 16 Middle Eastern and European countries to talk about meditation, art and peace.”

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David Lynch Double Bill

by A. C. Lee

“Given his genius for disturbing our peace, it seems at first glance not a little paradoxical that Mr. Lynch has recently become the public face of Transcendental Meditation. Then again, it actually makes some kind of perfect sense.”

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Filmmaker David Lynch Brings Transcendental Meditation to the Big Screen

by Morgan Golumbuk

“In true missionary fashion, Lynch and his David Lynch Foundation crew set out to Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America to spread their meditative teachings. Their main lesson: that inner peace causes people to positively affect one another, eventually leading to world peace. Hey, props for getting it started on a truly global scale.”

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David Lynch: Mild at Heart

by Phillip Valys

“As a world-class director of films about backward-talking dwarves, pornography and murder, David Lynch isn’t surprised when people ask him why he’s an avid practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. If anything, it’s because the filmmaker gets asked about it often, especially during the public tours in which he espouses the wonders of TM. The technique, which he has practiced for 40 years, involves a form of relaxation where you recite a mantra and meditate for 20 minutes.”

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The Inner Light

by Dan Brown

“Th’e American auteur says his creative vision stems from his interior discoveries experienced during the practice of Transcendental Meditation, or TM. Th’e 66-year-old Lynch has been an adherent since 1973 and claims he experienced immediate results from this mantra-based meditation.”

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David Lynch: Meditation, Creativity, Peace – Film Review

by John DeFore

“Lynch discusses more than TM here (…) but he’s most passionate in discussing how a daily meditation practice enables not just inner peace but creativity: Again and again, he describes “diving within” an endless sea where ideas can be caught and people from all walks of life can become better and more creative in their chosen fields.”

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David Lynch Foundation Event

“This past Saturday and Monday evening, the New York Film Academy hosted a screening event with the David Lynch Foundation at our Union Square campus. The documentary covers renowned filmmaker, David Lynch’s 16 country tour as he spreads his philosophy of transcendental meditation.”

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